Shotokan - The Black Belt

Client: Shotokan – The Black Belt

Duration: 3 Months

Category: Graphic Designing

Business Type: Karate Academy

Effective design may make all the difference when it comes to marketing a business. I just had the chance to collaborate with Shotokan – The Black Belt, a karate academy in our city, as a designer. In this blog post, I’ll discuss my interactions with them and how I developed designs that mirrored their mission and core principles.

Shotokan – The Black Belt is a martial arts academy that offers karate classes for all ages and skill levels. They focus on teaching traditional Shotokan karate, which emphasizes self-defense, discipline, and personal growth. As a relatively new business, they needed designs that would help them stand out in a crowded market and attract new students.

Design Process:

In order to create for Shotokan – The Black Belt, I first did some brand and value research. I perused their marketing materials to get a feel for their tone and positioning. In order to discuss the owners’ objectives and expectations for the designs, I also met with them.

From there, I produced a number of designs that could be used on letterheads, flex boards, and social media postings, among other mediums. I concentrated on making designs with powerful text and vibrant colours for social media. I wanted the designs for the flex boards to be eye-catching and convey the academy’s principles. Additionally, I tried to give the letterheads a more polished, understated appearance to reflect the academy’s dedication to tradition and discipline.


The final designs for Shotokan – The Black Belt were a success. The social media graphics helped attract new students. The flex boards were displayed in high-traffic areas and generated interest from passersby. And the letterheads were used for official communications and helped establish the academy’s professional image.


Designing for Shotokan – The Black Belt was a rewarding experience. It was a pleasure to work with a business that is dedicated to promoting martial arts and personal growth. I hope this blog post has given you a sense of how effective design can help businesses like Shotokan – The Black Belt stand out and succeed.

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