Sell Upkaran

Client: Sell Upkaran

Duration: 1 Years


Business Type: Old Gadgets Dealer


  • WordPress Website¬† development,
  • Lead Generation.

As a business owner, you are aware of how crucial lead and sales generation is to the expansion of your enterprise. I was eager to assist Sell Upkaran, a company that buys and sells used cameras and laptops, with its website building and lead generation needs because of this.

Here’s how I assisted Sell Upkaran in increasing their sales with the creation of a WordPress website and the generating of leads via Facebook and Instagram ads.

WordPress Website Development

Your brand’s website serves as its online representation and should convey the personality and messaging of your company. I made a responsive, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly WordPress website. I made sure the website offered a seamless user experience and was search engine optimised. I also included necessary components like social media links, live chat assistance, and contact forms.

Lead Generation

Tools for generating leads and sales include Facebook and Instagram ads. I made targeted advertisements that were made for Sell Upkaran’s intended clients. To entice clients to make purchases, I employed pertinent keywords, eye-catching graphics, and obvious call-to-actions. In order to increase the impact of the commercials, I also monitored their performance and made the required changes.

A free guide on how to buy and sell used cameras and laptops was the lead magnet I also prepared. Through Facebook and Instagram ads, I advertised the lead magnet and urged users to join Sell Upkaran’s email list. As a result, Sell Upkaran was able to compile a database of potential clients and encourage them to make purchases.


I assisted Sell Upkaran in increasing sales and expanding their business with the building of a WordPress website and lead generation utilising Facebook and Instagram Ads. Contact me right now to learn more about our services if you’re trying to grow sales and generate leads for your company.

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