Farm Rootz

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Client: Farm Rootz

Duration: 2 Months


Business Type: Spices


  • Logo Designing
  • Stop Motion Logo Video
  • WordPress Website¬† development,
  • Catalogue Designing.

Having a distinctive brand is crucial in today’s cutthroat marketplace. I was therefore delighted to work with Farm Rootz, a well-known Indian spice company, to improve their brand image through the creation of a logo, a stop-motion logo reveal movie, a WordPress website, and a catalogue.

This is how I assisted Farm Rootz in enhancing their branding.

Logo Designing

Your brand’s logo serves as its public face and should convey the principles and messaging of your company. I started by comprehending Farm Rootz’s mission and objectives in order to design a logo that truly represented their company. I designed a logo that was straightforward, enduring, and distinctive. The brand’s Indian heritage and dedication to quality were represented through the logo.

Stop Motion Logo Video

An effective method to show off your brand’s personality and leave a lasting impact on your audience is with a logo reveal film. I came up with a fresh and original stop motion logo reveal video to display Farm Rootz’s logo. The film effectively conveyed the spirit of the brand while having a pleasing visual appearance.

WordPress Website Development

Your brand’s website serves as its online representation and should convey the personality and messaging of your company. I made a responsive, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly WordPress website. I made sure the website offered a seamless user experience and was search engine optimised. I also included crucial components like a product listing and links to social media.

Catalogue Designing

For businesses looking to display their goods and services to potential clients, catalogues are an essential tool. I created Farm Rootz’s catalogue to be aesthetically pleasing, educational, and simple to read. I made sure the catalogue appropriately represented their goods and services and had crystal-clear calls to action to entice customers to buy.


I assisted Farm Rootz in enhancing their brand identity and bringing in new clients by developing their logo, stop motion logo reveal movie, WordPress website, and catalogue. Contact me right away to learn more about our services if you want to improve the image of your company.

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